The Italian Language School Koiné provides Italian Courses for Foreigners and other language courses and Translation Service. We provides, also, extra activities. One of them it’s our weekly social meeting, where foreigners and Italian people can know each other and practice the language they are interested in, tours of Romecineforum and italian cooking events.

Lessons are based on dynamic teaching methods and a stimulating language programme that incorporates student’s interests and various aspects of italian life.

Teaching methodscommunicative and humanistic-affective approach to allow our students to learn a foreign language disheartening emotional filters or any fear they naturally feel.

Language tutorsDITALS educated at University for Foreigners of Siena and members of FIDEF (Federazione Italiana degli Enti e Scuole di Istruzione e Formazione), ANILS (Foreign languages’s Teachers Association) and ILSA (Association of the Teachers of italian as second language), with significant teaching experience. Their work is based on the passion and love for their own language and culture.

Online tuition: by Zoom or the latest online meeting software. You’ll be able to both see and hear your tutor clearly and they will be able to share materials online with you and interact and carry out exercises using facilities such as the whiteboard.

Worldwide lessons: classes are tailor-made to the student’s requests through homestudent or workplace classes in any place of the world. We have a comprehensive network of teachers ready to travel to your home, office or other suitable location.

Translation service: Koiné provides multi-linguistic services upon request.