Workshop - Teaching techniques and new online methodologies

Workshop: Techniques and New Online Methodologies

The use of multimedia resources has finally established itself in the world of teaching, opening new frontiers and providing the tools for dissemination that is free from the constraints of time, space and presence. Schools, universities, institutions and professionals are engaged in a constant race towards the computerization of their space and resources and the appropriate knowledge of such media is now one of the basic requirements for access to this professional environment.

The workshop Online Techniques and New Methods addresses this vital need, providing Teachers & Trainers with an overview of the general principles of e-learning and blended learning with practical experience in which participants will take part and learn to master the major computing platforms. They will also have the possibility to design, plan and actively participate in a series of multimedia activities, games and communications.

– E-Learning and Blended Learning: general principles
– Platforms and environments
– Design practice

Group course (min 5 – max 10 people)
Duration: 4 hours – from 2:30pm to 6:30pm
Start of course: to reach the minimum number of participants
Price: 149€