PLIDA Courses

The PLIDA (Dante Alighieri Italian Language Project) certification is the official title certifying the competence level in Italian as a foreign language. The PLIDA is issued by Società Dante Alighieri and recognised at ministry and internationale levels.


PLIDA certification is valid to:

  • most clearly indicate the Italian awareness level on the curriculum vitae;
  • enrol in Italian universities without needing to pass the linguistic skill exam (level B2 or C1)
  • obtain long stay permit in Italy for non-EU citizens (at leve A2)
  • teach Italian as a second language (level C2)
  • be easily comparable with other international language certification systems, according to the criteria set by the Common European Framework.

 Koiné is a certifying body for the PLIDA examination, recognised by Società Dante Alighieri

2021 exam dates

Date Levels
24 February 2021 A2
17 March 2021 B1, B2, C1, C2
26 May 2021 A2
16 June 2021 B1, B2, C1
26 June 2021 (PLIDA Juniors) A1, A2, B1, B2
28 July 2021 B1, B2
23 October 2021 (PLIDA Juniors) A1, A2, B1, B2
1 December 2021 A2, B1
2 December 2021 B2, C1, C2


PLIDA exam enrolment rates

Level Price
A1 65€
A2 70€
B1 100€
B2 100€
C1 145€
C2 145€


Our PLIDA courses

Type of Course: General Italian + PLIDA PREPARATION Course– group
Duration: 15 hours a week general Italian + 5 hours extra a week (dedicated to practical exercises and PLIDA simulation)
Cost: 300€ a week + 47€*
Programme: the Course is made up of a Standard Italian Course and practical written and oral exercises and PLIDA exam simulation at all levels (A1 – A2 – B1 – B2 – C1 – C2)

Type of Course: PLIDA PREPARATION – group (20 hours)
Price: 350€ +47€*

Type of Course: PLIDA PREPARATION – individual lessons (20 hours)
Prezzo: 540€ +47€*


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* The registration fee (+ 47€) is valid for a year and includes learning material, the chance to participate in our social and cultural events, rent books and films in the original language, Koiné card (for reduced prices on shops/gyms/clubs, etc… in collaboration with Koiné), Wi-Fi, internet point.