Italian for kids

Italian Courses for Kids

The Italian course for kids is aimed to satisfy the growing presence of forgein kids in the Italian schools.
Koiné wants to offer to schools and mums the possibility to have a high, qualified and experienced network of Italian teachers who can provide  their children a proper Italian language training /learning tools to succeed at school and enter from the beginning into the Italian language and culture.
The method is based on games and each activity can stimulate the kids’ learning process.

Individual lessons
Programme: upon request/depending on the age, provenience and level
Price: 25€ p/h (30€ p/h on weekends)

Small groups
The courses run at school but if you are a school or if you are a mum with any space to guest small groups of children who want to learn, play and have fun, this is the perfect Italian course for your needs.
Programme: upon request/depending on the age, provenience and level
Duration: twice a week for 1.5 hrs, for 4 weeks (12 hrs in total)
Price: 159€

* The registration fee (47€) is valid for one year and it includes learning materials, the opportunity to participate in our social and cultural events, rental of books and films in the original language, Koiné card (for discounted prices for shops/gym/pharm/clubs, etc. in partnership with Koiné), Wi-fi, internet point, up to 2 certificates of attendance and the final exam.