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  1. Camila scrive:

    Me encantó el curso! Muy completo y entretenido. Para mi siempre fue un placer ir a clase. Independientemente de que me tocó un GRAN grupo, la profesora, Nadia, es un 10. Lo mismo con la atención de Maricla al ingresar y durante toda la cursada. Recomiendo al 100% este curso. No sabía nada y ahora entiendo mucho más y me puedo expresar (en solo tres semanas). Impecable! Camila, Bs As –
    Argentina 21 de Julio 2017.

    I loved the course! Very complete and really entertaining. For me it was always a pleasure to go. I have to be honest and I know I was lucky and I had an AMAZING group, but despite of that, our professor Nadia is the best! The same Maricla. She helped me before getting to Koine and during my studies she was very kind too. I totally recommend this course. I knew nothing and now I can understand much more and I can express myself (in only three weeks). Perfect! Camila, Bs As – Argentina July 21st 2017.

    Io ho amato questo lezioni! Noi abbiamo divertito molto
    Nadia è un ottimo insegnante! Si tu puoi andare a Koine, io ti lo consiglio! Camila, Bs As – Argentina 21 Luglio 2017

  2. Peter Massey scrive:

    Very accommodating for a late booking. I had great fun with the other participants. The methods involve lots of doing, very practical subjects and in a week I felt I got a long way (I spoke French and some Latin so it was not starting from scratch). Our teacher Inas was very patient and stretched me but without pain!

  3. Riina Kaikkonen scrive:

    Many thanks to my excellent teacher Sara for being such a professional and patient teacher. Also I want to thank Francesca who always helped me with a kind way in the office. Mi raccomando certamente questa scuola!

  4. Fabiana scrive:

    Ottima scuola.. Ottimi gli insegnanti.. Ottimo tutto.. La mia insegnate Mila è stata fantastica! Mila muchas gracias !!

  5. Heeje Cho scrive:

    Mi è piaciuto tantissimo questa scuola. Tutti i insegnanti e staff sono simpatici e sempre pronti per aiutare gli studenti. Abbiamo fatto tante cose insieme e sono stati veramente divertenti. Ho migliorato il mio italiano e sono ancora in contatto con tanti amici di scuola. La consiglio vivamente!!!

  6. Francesca scrive:

    Ho svolto il corso DITALS II da Koiné nell’aprile 2013 e tuttora lo consiglio a chiunque voglia intraprendere questo percorso formativo, con la certezza di arrivare ben preparati all’esame e di vivere un’esperienza di arricchimento personale e professionale. Sono subito rimasta colpita dalla serietà e professionalità dello staff al momento dell’iscrizione, ma ancor prima dalla loro attenzione verso la mia richiesta e i miei dubbi. In seguito ho iniziato il corso, intenso ma ben strutturato. I contenuti trasmessi dal formatore e il materiale fornito erano chiari, efficaci e stimolanti. Il tirocinio in aula mi ha dato la possibilità di osservare direttamente il lavoro sul campo e tutte le insegnanti mi hanno trasmesso la passione per l’insegnamento e mi hanno accompagnato verso le mie prime “lezioni” in contesti variegati. Insomma, un continuo miglioramento, uno scambio reciproco, passione e preparazione. Un consiglio per tutti: mettetevi in gioco e scegliete Koiné!

  7. valentine scrive:

    I like koiné italian language school because i met very interesting people and the happy language exchange are exciting because you can make friend with international girls and boys.

  8. valentine scrive:

    In this language school you can find professionality and kindness! The happy language exchange party are very funny and it’s exciting to learn other languages and to make friends with international people! i like koiné italian language school!

  9. Sara Canonico scrive:

    Koinè it’s a great and professional school. Lovely direction and staff.

  10. Maya scrive:

    Many thanks to the Koine Centre staff for a great time spent learning Italian. It’s really a place you look forward to go to everyday…great learning methods and very friendly atmosphere…really exceptional teachers (special thanks to wonderful Ada, also Francesca and everybody else…).
    A unique experience and a chance to meet people from all around the world, to make new friends and enjoy many joyful enriching events…Only words of compliments to this great centre and wishing you a continuous success…
    Looking forward to coming back so soon again!
    Grazie mille…

  11. Malachy Theophilus scrive:

    Koine is not just a language centre or a school, but it is much more like a family. This family atmosphere makes learning easy and enjoyable. The efficiency of the teachers and the friendship is simply magical.I was there for barely two months and the improvement i recorded in my italian language is even more magical. Haven made a decision to stop because of other commitments, I am tempted to decline my decision and continue my italian language studies with Koine because: “IT WAS A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE”

    • Malachy Theophilus scrive:


  12. COZETTE Jane scrive:

    French :
    Je cherchais désespérément une école pour apprendre l’Italien, assez rapidement (j’avais 4 mois pour passer d’un niveau « buongiorno » à une bonne maitrise de la langue pour passer un concours).
    Au début j’ai choisi Koiné car ils faisaient des promotions pour les filles au pair (mais pas uniquement), et les cours étant assez chers partout ailleurs je me suis lancée vers cette école.
    Et j’en ai été très contente, c’est une école à taille humaine, avec 3 salles de classes, des professeurs très sympas. Moi qui n’était pas du tout fan des cours de langue à l’école, mes 2 mois de cours sont passés très vite et de manière agréable. Beaucoup d’oral, des devoirs à la maison parfois. On a vraiment l’impression que cette école est une petite « famille », on connaît votre nom quand vous entrez, et ça n’est pas comme toutes les autres écoles « pompe à fric » que j’ai pu voir !
    De plus ils sont vraiment conciliant si vous avez des soucis de dates etc, on teste votre niveau a chaque fin de mois pour savoir comment vous avez progressé, pour avoir des cours adapté à votre niveau.
    De plus ils font des apéritifs tous les 15 jours, ce qui permet de rencontrer les élèves des autres cours, ou même des personnes de l’extérieur. Chacun a une langue maternelle différente et cela vous permet d’aider les gens qui apprennent votre langue, et vous de parler l’italien dans un cadre moins « scolaire »
    Je recommande vraiment cette école, autant niveau prix, que l’ambiance qui s’en dégage. J’ai adoré. Merci encore !

    English : (sorry for the bad translation!)
    I desperately wanted a school to learn Italian, fairly quickly (I had four months to go from a ” Buongiorno ” level to a good command of the language to pass an exam ) .
    At first I chose Koiné because they were on sale for au pairs (but not only) , and the prices being quite expensive elsewhere, so I headed to the school.
    And I was very happy , it is a school on a human scale , with 3 classrooms, very nice teachers. I was not at all a fan of language courses when I was in high school, but my 2 month course passed quickly and pleasantly. And I did much progress in little time. There is many oral, homework at home sometimes . We really feel that this school is a small “family” , they know your name when you enter, it is not like any other school ” pump money ” that I could see !
    In addition they are really accommodating if you have any concerns dates etc , they test your level at each end of the month to see how you’ve progressed in order to have courses suited to your level.
    They make “Happy Hour” every 15 days, which allows you to meet students from other courses, or even people from outside. Everyone has a different mother tongue and it allows you to help people who are learning your language and you, you can speak Italian in a setting less ” school ”
    I really recommend this school , for its price , the mentality, the atmosphere that emerges, and the quality of courses. I loved it. Thank you again!

  13. Charles Page scrive:

    Ciao a tutti, I spent a great time in Koiné this summer. The staff is just amazing ! I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve himself in italian. Special thanks to Vittoria !

  14. Cheryl scrive:

    Traveling to Rome with some free time allowed me to squeeze in a week of Italian Language school. I chose Koine for it’s flexible schedule and reasonable pricing.

    I loved taking class here. My girlfriend came along too and we struggled together! Ada, our instructor, was a joy to have teach us. Full of energy and loads of fun. My only regret is that I had just one week of instruction. I would highly recommend Koine for those wanting to learn Italian.

  15. Silvestro scrive:

    Koinè it’s a very professional school. Lovely staff and direction.

  16. ali youssef scrive:

    Hi all.. Special thanks for all Koine was a very benefit-intensive course during last is a great place to improve the skill in Italian language. Great teachers (vittoria and ADA) ..I am glad to join you that another meeting..warmest wishes and best regards.

  17. Susan scrive:

    The month long intensive Italian course, passed by so quickly, when I previously thought it would be far too long for me to cope with! I had such a wonderful time with my group and have made some lovely new friends that I shall certainly stay in touch with but most of all, I’d like to thank the brilliant Vicky for being such an excellent, fun and patient teacher.

    I will most definitely recommend Koine as a great school to learn Italian with…grazie mille!!

  18. Johanna scrive:

    During the summer, I took an italian course at KOINE and I really enjoyed it. I learned so much not only the language but also about the italian culture. My teacher was very patient and had such a great attitude. The class was small so the teacher really took the time to make sure that everyone was on the same page. It was fun, warm and interesting….Keep up the good work Koine!!!

  19. mostak ahmed scrive:

    ciao tutti persone tutti inseniante e tutti studente bona anno tutti graze

  20. Yael Hattem scrive:

    I could not wait to be able to speak this beautiful language! Therefore, I searched, for a while, a good school. I wanted to gain the ability to have a converstaion within one month, to enjoy the classes, to have some culturals insights and perhaps meet some new friends. Koine fulfilled all these, big time! and made me understand that all of these requirements I had, depended and could be reached ONLY by having a good and adorable teacher, as I had at the Koine school. Many schools are offering similar curriculum but not all of them makes the expereince so fantastic and long lasting. I took the course some time ago and everything I have learrnt remained with me.
    I was having friends in other schools and no one spoke italian as my group did at the Koine school.
    If you hesitate between different schools, I can promise there is no comparison and this schools deserves its reputation, for one of the best schools in Rome (for me was the best one).

  21. Rosa Myriam De Lillo scrive:

    Last months I went to the chit-chat event and for me it has been an important opportunity to review and improve my English.
    Moreover an opportunity to meet other Italians and to make new friends from all around the world.
    Comparing myself with other cultures I have discovered different ways of living and points of view.
    Don’t waste time, I suggest you to try this language exchange event!

  22. Guillaume Etandin scrive:

    I ‘ve been taking Italian lessons for four months in Koine Centre and I really enjoy the friendly and quiet atsmosphere, the efficiency and competence of the teachers. I can now speak Italian rather easily: speaking of it, it’s quite amazing as I didn’t know a word of Italian before!!!
    I greatly recommend this school, to anyone who wish to begin or improve the language in a nice and cheerful atmosphere!!!

  23. Helen Trevaskis scrive:

    I took lessons with Maricla and at Koine while I was living in Rome for a year and a half. The school is the right blend of being both professional and personal and Maricla a wonderful, lovely person to learn Italian from, she always made lessons interesting and fun and challenging.

  24. Chiara Sottilini scrive:

    I used to have private lessons with Maricla and I now have lessons taught by Vittoria. Both teachers have been extremely good and I feel that I have made great improvement with my italian! I will continue with my lessons after the summer!

  25. Koiné scrive:

    EVELI ORIZZO • Biology
    I am taking italian classes at Koiné, with Maricla, a very good and brava Insegnante.
    I like very much the methodology used by her at Koiné, it is very interesting and motivates the student to learn the language. The environment of the school is very good and happy.
    I recommend Koiné as a School for those who want to learn italian.

  26. Koiné scrive:

    KATHY ALLUMBAUGH • Cal State Fullerton
    I have been taking Italian lessons through Koine Centre located in Rome for the past few months. My instructor, Maricla, and I Skype twice a week for my lessons. I have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and love the fact that I can have a one-on-one lesson with her. I feel that I have been able to learn Italian at a faster pace because of the one-on-one lessons. She gears the lessons to my ability and is always encouraging and pushing me to do my best. I would highly recommend learning Italian this way to anyone who is considering either learning Italian or brushing up on their Italian. It is easy to do and I don’t even have to leave my home!

  27. Koiné scrive:

    MARCIN GORA • City University of New York
    I have been taking private classes with the Koiné Centre and I can totally recommend the school to anyone who wants to study Italian in Rome.
    The classes are very interesting and tailored to each student’s level. Maricla will make sure you put effort and learn Italian at the quick pace.

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