Let’s learn Italian by bike!

You are going to learn Italian going from the ancient monuments to the elegant shopping streets, from the Baroque squares to Renaissance palaces, from the Churches housing art masterpieces to beautiful fountains.

Tours available

City Center
An itinerary which “touches on” the main attractions of Rome, without omitting the working-class alleys, small hidden squares, places that are less known but associated with many historical events which give this city its unique atmosphere. Also, have the possibility to taste original Italian coffee and ice cream.

Panoramic Rome
… The Aventine Hill, the Janiculum Hill, the Capitoline Hill, the best panoramic views of the city. A tour that allows you to view the most important domes and monuments of Rome from a suitable distance in order to perceive them as a whole. An itinerary that allows you to observe well-known monuments like the Colosseum and the Roman Forums from different perspectives, and to grasp the most evocative and unusual views.

Ancient Appian Way, Caffarella and Aqueducts Park
… Pedaling on a 2,300 year-old cobblestone Roman road, while going past an ancient sepulchre, a Roman statue, the ruins of a circus and an imperial palace; leaving the “regina viarum” heading towards the ancient Roman aqueducts that rise over the fields into the horizon and following them on their way to Rome; going through the Caffarella Park, a preserved strip of land of the Roman countryside that impressed the 19th century travelers such as Byron, Goethe and Stendhal.

An extraordinary tour of absolute beauty; A journey into a unique environment, in which miraculously intact nature, free from modernization, forms a backdrop to the continuous passage of historical, cultural and artistic events.

Group course (min 5 – max 10 students):
1 tour = 65€ + 45€* of registration fee
2 tours = 95€ + 45€* of registration fee
3 tours = 130€ + 45€* of registration fee

Individual: 40€ for 3hrs

* The registration fee (+ 45€) is valid for one year and it includes learning materials, the opportunity to participate in our social and cultural events, rental of books and films in the original language, Koiné card (for discounted prices for shops/gym/pharm/clubs, etc. in partnership with Koiné), Wi-fi, internet point, up to 2 certificates of attendance and the final exam.