Speaking sessions

Our school offers its students the opportunity to continue to study and keep the new language alive and trained. For this we offer our students the opportunity to make conversation lessons in Italian with a maximum of 45 minutes. The lectures will include: topics of daily life, current affairs or topics of students’ interest. The classes are fully completed orally and may be in group or individual.
In addition, lessons are also addressed to those who do not have the opportunity to pursue a full course of Italian language but want to practice spoken language.

Try your conversation class for free!

Price:  199€ + 45€
Duration: 10 lessons (45 minutes each)
Program: to be defined according to the needs
Level: A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2

* The registration fee (45€) is valid for one year and it includes learning materials, the opportunity to participate in our social and cultural events, rental of books and films in the original language, Koiné card (for discounted prices for shops/gym/pharm/clubs, etc. in partnership with Koiné), Wi-fi, internet point, up to 2 certificates of attendance and the final exam.