Italian for Photography

The Photography course for beginners is designed for all of those who are approaching the world of photography for the first time or who, as an amateur,  delight in using digital equipment which is also semi-professional. The course is optimized for students and workers and takes place in evening hours or on weekends. It is offered in 30 hours and includes an overview of the expressions and technology at the service of photographic art.
The program also includes 15 hours of outdoor practice.

Option 1: Basic Photography Course

Schedule: 15 lessons – for 1 week (15hrs) + 1 outdoor workshop (5 hrs)
Group course (min 5 – max 10 students)
Price: 350€ + 45€* of registration fee
Individual course + 1 tour of 5 hrs
Price: 40€ p/hour + 45€* of registration fee

Option 2: Basic Photography Course + General Italian Course

Schedule: 15 lessons – for 1 week (15hrs) in the morning, from 9,30am to 12,30pm + 1 outdoor workshop (5 hrs) and 15 lessons – for 1 week (15hrs) in the afternoon, from 1,30pm to 4,30pm.
Group course (min 5 – max 10 students)
Price: 450€ + 45€* of registration fee
Individual course
Price: 40€ p/hour (1 outdoor lesson included) + 45€* of registration fee.

* The registration fee (45€) is valid for one year and it includes learning materials, the opportunity to participate in our social and cultural events, rental of books and films in the original language, Koiné card (for discounted prices for shops/gym/pharm/clubs, etc. in partnership with Koiné), Wi-fi, internet point, up to 2 certificates of attendance and the final exam.