Italian cooking Courses

Italian cooking is one of the most important parts of Italian culture. That’s why Koiné provides to its students Italian cooking Courses with the best restaurants and chefs of Rome!

Types of Courses

NOT JUST TOURIST (min 5 –  max 10 students)
Duration: 7/8 hours
Participation fee
(per person): from 160€+45€* of registration fee
: how to cook a full meal
: Certification

LET’S GO TO EAT TOGETHER (min 5 – max 10 students)
Duration: 4 hours
Participation fee (per person): from 130€+45€* of registration fee
Topic: Cook and eat with other students a special dinner/lunch

SUNDAY LUNCH (min 5 – max 10 students)
Duration: 3 hours
Participation fee: 55€ (per person)
Topic: Let’s cook and eat as Italians do on Sundays

INTENSIVE COURSE (min 2 – max 4 students)
Duration: 16 hours (2/4 days)
Participation fee (per person): 810€+45€* of registration fee
Topic: Cooking tools, Italian sauces and egg pasta, bread and pizza, Italian regional recipes, pastry making