• Intensive Italian Course in Rome - 4 weeks (60hrs) - only 450€ + €45! If you SIGN UP BY JUNE 25th you WIN A 3 DAYS TRIP TO ISCHIA!

  • International Meetup - TRIP TO ISCHIA at ONLY 109€

  • Preparazione DITALS-Diventa anche tu insegnante di Italiano per Stranieri!

  • NEW! NEW! NEW! Laboratorio per Insegnanti di lingua L2/LS targato Koiné!

  • Special Italian courses for the Jubilee year!

  • Koiné Training Centre: CILS, CELI and DITALS exam preparation

  • Italian for Travellers: 1 week group Course at only 115€

  • Italian lessons for Kids at only 159€ per month!

  • Online Italian lessons through Skype 20€ p/h!

  • HAPPY (HOUR) LANGUAGE EXCHANGE! Every Wednesday at 7.30 pm! 1h Italian lesson + Aperitif + Language Exchange with local people: 10€!

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